5 Essential Elements For Things to do in Tauranga

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The Bay of Plenty offers some of New Zealand’s moststunningsun, seaandsandybeaches.Taurangaliesalong the sought-after coastline.Here you willfindthe Mauao volcanoasand the breathtakingMount Maunganui beach.The localscall it”the Mount”, asthis beachside gem offers watersportsandevents for the daring, as welltasty food options forfoodies.

Here are the best inandaround Tauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui sits across Tauranga Harbour from Tauranga and is an extinct volcano.Mauao in Maoriis a Maori word that means”caughtatdawn”.Therefore, it’sfitting to see all thatitcanprovide during the daytime.There areseveral walking tracksavailable and it typicallytakesabout an hour to makethrough the pohutukawatree.While the climb isn’t easy but the topoffers 360degviewsof Tauranga townas well asthe Bay of Plenty coastline.Mount Maunganui Beach & Pilot Bayflank the mountain. The views arestunningfromevery angle.Relax and enjoy the sunrise while enjoyingan amazingbreakfastbuffet(coffeerequired).

Adventure Water Park – Get Splashed

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’sWaimarino Safari Parkis the idealadventure park forthose whoadrenaline is your thing.It’sjust a 10 minute drivefrom the citycentertodiscover a myriad of activitiesthroughoutthe Wairoa.There’s somethingto suitevery taste, includingclimbing walls made of rockand a slip’n’slide.The Tarzan swing, water trampoline, or the blob–a hugeinflatable thatlaunchesyou intoa lake- are all available tothe brave.Waimarino offersevening glowworm-worm kayak toursinLake McLaren to those looking for atranquilactivity.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Ahiketoa waterfall is a must-doduringthe everyKiwi summer.First off, hit upMcLaren Falls Park for ashort 20-minute walk will haveyounavigatingthroughglow worm cavesas well as native forests.There are also a variety oftracks runningthrough the reserve, which covers190 hectares.Getoutthereandspend some time exploring.Next up is theKaiate Falls, which aresituated about a 30-minutedrivefromTauranga.Follow the forest walking trackup tothesummit of the falls,andthen down alongsidethe cascadestillyouget tothepool. Take adip in this dreamy lagoon.

Sailing a catamaranto thisisle that is unrestricted

Aquickdrive along thecoastwilltakeyou to Whakatane, your starting pointfor anunforgettabledayaboardthecatamaran.Set sailforMoutohora Island,a wildlife reserveoffthe Bay of Plenty coast.Ifyou’re lucky,youmay spot somerare native wildlifesuch asTuatara, Kakariki and fur seals.You can alsosnorkelaroundthe island toseethebeautifulmarine life.Wrap up your tripbyrelaxing ontheisland’s private hot waterbeach orlounging lazily offtheside of the boat–thisisa day in paradise.

The Dream Summer Festival

It’s notaKiwiifyour summers weren’tatBay Dreams.These guysknow how to puton ashow–theJanuary 2019concert sold out to capacitysawheadlinerCardi Btake the stagewithhits likeBodak Yellow, wowing anenthusiasticcrowd.Peking Duk’s,LAB, Katchafire, and Sub Focus were just ahandful of acts thatwere on stageat the NewYears festivalin 2021.Bay Dreams, Tauranga’s summer destination,haseverything yourequire: a stellar line-up,glitter andjeans as well ascamping andcamping.

These Stores Have Local Stores

Shopping in Tauranga  isall about uncoveringhidden treasuresinindependent stores.Ifyou’ve got aneye fordesign and a love ofbrand names made in New Zealand, then you mustgo to thethe PaperPlane conceptshop.There, you’lldiscover a carefully selected selection offashion, lifestyle and homewares.Our Place hostsa range ofrotating pop ups inthelocal area, rangingfromfashion to artand jewelry.Our Place centre is madeout ofshipping containers. Theintentionis toprovidelow-cost retail spacesto entrepreneurs and localartisans.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Looking to indulge in someluxuriousness?Thebestwaytoindulge inthe ultimate luxury is to enjoyan informal picnic with a bohemian themeoverlookingMauaomountainandthe ocean.Bay Picnicshaseverything you needto makean unforgettable birthday celebration, anniversarycelebration, orjustan enjoyableeveningout.They have teepees forbig fluffy pillows, alights throws,throwsandBluetooth speakers.They also offerfooditems from them, such asplatterswithlocal,vegan and freshingredients.Ifyou’replanning to celebrate a significantevent(read: your dreamengagement), you caninclude flowers and other decortothepicnic.

Get Amongthe Markets

Taurangaoffers something differentwhen it comes toweekend market.On thefirst and thirdSaturdayofevery monthcheck outthe Little Big Marketswhich feature a line-up ofeclectic artisans and mouth-watering eats.There isall kinds of food itemsfrom French crepestorainbow shaved Ice, tolocalgoodies.You can’tskipthe Dinner In The Domain event,which is aweeklygatheringwith the bestfoodtruck around.There will bebig paellas and bubble wafflesas well assweettreats.We’redrooling from the decadentsnacks on offerat Hello Rosie, a connoisseurof veganfood items.But if you would rathertake a bite offreshfruit,make sure to checkout the Saturdayfarmersmarket forsomeamazing seasonal fruits that willenhance any cheese platter.

WalktoMoturiki Island

Yes, youcan walkto that island.Thetiny350-metre-longislandsits adjacent toMount Maunganui beach and is connectedvia a walkingbridge.When you step onto the island,there is a blowhole whichshoots water outathigh tide.There are stunningviews of Mauao and the city’scoastand the oceanasyoufollow the hiking trackupwards.

UnwindInSalt Water Hot Pools

Ifunwinding and relaxation areyourlist of priorities, then a visitMount Hot Poolsshouldbe on yourlist.The salt-water pool, which isset against Mount Maunganui’s backdrop,is well-known for itshealingbenefits.You will feel rejuvenatedafter arelaxing soak.You can alsoreservea private pool fortherelaxing massage you’ve always wanted.

VisitThis Quaint Historic Village

You canstep back in historybytaking a walkthroughcobbled streets andthe historicvillage .It’seasy to spend theentire dayin this charmingtown that is brimmingwith hiddennooks, quirky artisans,andcutecafes.There are alsotiny studios for those who love artsuch asTurner Gallery or Imprint Gallery.

Enjoy the delicious local cuisine

Foodis ourlove.Lucky for us,Taurangaserves up some succulentfood and drinksthat willmake you droolthroughout the day.

Ground Zero Coffeemustalways beat the top oftheradarof coffeelovers.They’re the Bay OfPlenty’sfirstSpecialty Coffee Microroastery, servingup trustyflat whites, as well asIcedcoffee.Ifyou wantsomething sweet,thenyoushould think aboutYo and Co. The dessert bar offers wafflesand savoury and richcrepes.

The Nourishedeatingisa greatoption for those who are health conscious and havesweettooth.Theplant-based cafeis a firm believer infresh, localproduce.A deliciousWellness Bowl with herby hashbrows and smoky tomatoes sprouts, coconut tzatziki and sproutscould be a greatchoicefor breakfast.There are manysweetsavailable atThe Nourishing Bakeoffers includingfreshDoublechocolate brownies, Nutellaandcustard-filleddonuts.

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