Detailed Notes on Things to do in Tauranga

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The Bay of Plenty offers some of New Zealand’s moststunningsun, sea,andsandybeaches.Tauranga islocatedon the covetedcoastline.This is where you’lldiscoverthe Mauao volcanoandMount Maunganui beach.Locals affectionatelyrefer to it as”the Mount”, asthe beach has water sportsandevents for the daring and adventurous, as well asdelicious food for thefoodies.

Here are the top inandaround Tauranga. Things to do in Tauranga  areas.

Climb Mount Maunganui (Mauao) At Sunrise

Mount Maunganui is an extinct volcano, which is situatedprettyin the harbor betweenTauranga.Mauao in Maoriis a Maori word that means”caughtbydawn”.Therefore, it’sappropriate to take in allithas tooffer during the day.There areseveraltrailsto be exploredthrough the forest of pohutukawa. Itusually takes aroundan hour.While it’s a climb that’s steep but once you’ve reachedthesummit you’ll be greetedwith360degpanoramasof the Bay of Plenty coastline and Taurangatowncentre.Mount Maunganui Beach is just one of the mostbeautifulbeaches in New Zealand, while Pilot Bay and Mount Maunganui Beach are bothnearby, creating a breathtakingview from every angle.Bring a picnic lunch(coffeeis a must) andtake a lookbeginning with a serenesunrise.

Adventure Water Parks-BeFabulous

{}McLaren FallsTauranga’s WaimarinoAction Parkis sure togive youan adrenaline rush thatyourequire.It’sonly a 10-minute ridefrom the citycentertodiscover a myriad of activitiesacrossthe Wairoa.There’splenty for everyone, fromclimbing walls for rock climbingandslip’nslide.You should also checkout the Tarzan swing, water trampolineand the’blob’ inflatablethat will take you tothe lake.Waimarino offersthe evening glowworm-worm kayak tourinLake McLaren to those looking for apeacefulexperience.

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Every Kiwi summermustinclude ahike to a waterfall.To start, headtoMcLaren Falls Park.Here, ashort 20-minutewalk will takeyou throughglowworm caves andnativeforests.You’ll also find manytracks that pass throughthe190-hectare reserve.Make sure to spenda few hoursexploring.Next stop is theKaiate Falls. They areabout a 30-minute drivefrom Tauranga.Follow the forest walktrackto the top andgo down the valleyuntilreachingthepool. Thisis a great placefor an afternoon dip.

Take a catamaran outandset sail for this unrestrictedparadise

It is possible to drive fromthe coasttoWhakatanewhich isyour starting point for aexciting day aboardthecatamaran.Set sailtoMoutohora Island off the Bay of Plenty coast.You might be abletospot rare native wildlifelikeTuatara, Kakariki, fur seals, penguinsand Tuatara.Toget a better viewof theincrediblemarine lifethat inhabitsthe island, youcanalso take a snorkeling trip.Finish your daybysoaking intheisland’s private hot waterbeach orlounging lazily offtheside of the boat–thisisa day in paradise.

The Dream Summer Festival

If youhaven’t hadat least one summerspentatBay Dreams, are youtrulyanKiwi?These guysare masters at puttingon ashow–theJanuary 2019concert sold out to capacityfeaturedthe headlinerCardi Bperformwithhits likeBodak Yellow, wowing anenthusiasticcrowd.Peking Duk was among theacts playingat the Newyear’s festival2021.Bay Dreams is Tauranga’s best summerspot. Ithas an incrediblelineup ofcampers, glitter and denim.

These Stores Offer Local Shopping

Shopping in Tauranga  isabout findinghidden treasuresinindependent stores.Ifyou have a keeneye forstyle and loveKiwi-made brands, you shouldvisitPaperPlane conceptshop.There, you’lldiscover a carefully selected selection offashion, lifestyle and homewares.Our Place offersa variety ofrotating pop-ups,from fashion to jewelleryand art,thatallow forspontaneity.Our Place’s centre is madeofshipping containers. Itsgoalis toprovide low-costretail spacefor local artistsand entrepreneurs.

Picnic In Style On Mount Maunganui Beach

Are you looking to indulge in luxuriousproducts?Abohemian-style picnic overlookingthe ocean and Mauao mountain is thewayto go.Bay Picnicshaseverything you needfora memorable occasion, birthdaycelebration, orjusta funeveningout.There are teepees to fitlarge fluffy pillows,festoon light,throwsas well asBluetooth speakers.They also havethefoodoptionscovered, with platters featuringlocal,organic,andraw produce at theready.Ifit’sa romanticevent(read:dream engagement) youcould even includethe giftofflowers toyour picnic.

Get Amongthe Markets

Taurangaserves up something specialwhen it comes tomarket days on weekends.The Little Big Markets are openevery Saturday.There youwill find avarietyofartisans and delicious food.There’sall kinds of food itemsfrom French crepes to rainbow shaved iceandlocal-made treats.Foodiescan’tskipdinnerin Domainwhich features the bestfood truck vendorseveryweek.Bubble waffles are the talk of the town.We’redrooling from the decadentfood optionsat Hello Rosie who is a snobof veganjunk food.The Saturdayfarmersmarketis a stunning source ofseasonal produce and wouldenhance any cheese board.

Moturiki Island: Walk to

You can actually walk totheisland.Thetiny350 metrelong islandis locatedcloseto Mount Maunganui beach. Awalkwaybridge connectsit.There isa blowhole on the islandthat releases water duringhigh tide.Follow the upward-facing walking pathtotake in the stunningviewsof Mauao and the city’scoast.

Salt Water Hot Pools: Relax in the Salt Water

A visit toMount HotPools at Mount Maunganui is a mustif relaxation and unwindingisyour priority.It is renowned for its therapeutic properties, a soakin thesesalt-water poolswiththe backdrop of Mount Maunganui will leave you feelinglike a new person.If youwould like to indulge inluxury, book fora private spa andthe massageyou deserve.

Visitthis Quaint Historic Village

Take a trip back to the pastwith a strollthroughthecobbled streetsof The Historic Village.Packed with secretnooks, cutecafesand eclecticartisans, it’s easy to wileaway the dayhere.ThesmallstudiosatTurner Gallery and Imprint Gallery areopen tothose wholoveart.

Taste the delectable local foods

Foodis ourlove.Tauranga’stastycocktails and bites will leaveyouwantingmore.

Ground Zero Coffeeshouldalways beontheradarof coffeeenthusiasts.They are the Bay OfPlenty’sfirstSpecialty Coffee microroastery and offericed coffee and flat whites.Ifyou areseekingsomething sweet,you canvisitYo and Co. A dessert barspecialisingon wafflesandsweet and savourycrêpes.Also, it isone of Tauranga and TheMount’s most well-knownicecream shops.

Nourishedeatery is amust-seeforthose who are health-conscious andhave a sweet tooth.The cafe is a plant-based one thatis a great place to eatlocal, freshingredients.They areproud to be100%vegan andoffergluten-free and milk-free options.BreakfastcouldincludetheWellness Bowl that is filled withherby hashbrows and smokytufu, tomato sprouts, quinoa,as well ascoconut yogurt.Make sure to leavespace forsweetsfromThe Nourishing Baker, such as fresh and deliciousNutella brownies, double chocolate browniesandcustard doughnuts.

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