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VinylTiles vs. Ceramic Tile: Major Differences

Vinyl tile isessentiallythe samematerial as isused to make sheet vinyl flooring. It is avery thinman-made materialcomprised ofPVC plasticwitha fiberglass or felt backinglayer, which is covered withdesigns printed on theclearwear layer.For the tile form offlooring, the vinyl is simplycut into squares that varyfrom 9 to18 incheswide.Certain types of vinyl tiles, also known ascomposite tiles include a portionofpulverized stone dust inthe manufacturingprocess.They have a certainrealistic appearance than the plastic-only vinyl tiles.

Another typein the form of vinyl tile areluxury vinyl that is a thickerkind of vinyl flooring whichjoins together with click-lockedges instead of being appliedusing troweled-on mastic.Luxury vinyl is offeredintile form and plankform. Tilesaregenerally known asLVTwhich stands for luxury vinyl tile.These tiles have a bit morequality than normalvinyl tiles and can bemorecostly.

Ceramic tile iscreated fromnatural earth clays mingledwith other substances, coatedby a glaze that covers the surfacewhich is then fired in ovens,to harden them. Porcelainis a specific typeof ceramic tile; porcelaintiles areconstructed fromhigher quality clays andbaked at higher temperatures in order to makethem more durable and harder.

Ceramictiles can be usedas flooring, orforcountertops, walls,or showers, while vinyltiles areprimarily usedas flooring materials.


Vinyl Tile

While vinyl floor tile isoften designed to look likeceramictile, itis rarely very convincing;almost everyone can recognizethedistinction between a vinyl flooringand aceramic or stonetile floor.However, vinyl floor tilesdoes come in a hugevariety of styles and colors. From apure aesthetic perspective there isevery option you couldneed.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tilecomesina varietyofstyles and colorsthough you will pay quitesome cash forexpensive designs. Ceramic tilecan bring a lotofluxury as a flooring choice.Ceramic tiles, specifically can be found in a range ofattractive designs as aflooring material.

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Best for Appearance: Ceramic Tile

Few people would disputethat ceramic tilehas anedge when it comes down toappearance. Vinyl tile,after all tends to imitateceramic tileand itis often easy to identifyas the fake.

Water and Heat Resistance

Both ceramic and vinyl tilesare alike in terms ofwater resistance sincethey’re both totally waterproof.However, both havejoint joints between tiles, which can createthechance of moisture gettinginto the underlayment orsubfloor.

Vinyl Click Tiles

Since it is a completely syntheticman-made material Vinyl tile is completelyimpervious to water damagehowever the seams intilescould allow waterget in betweentiles.Thus, vinyl tile isnotquite as impervioustohumiditylikesheet vinyl. Vinylis susceptible to damagewith intense heat, whichcould melt and cause scorching.Furthermore, vinyl can releasetoxic gasses if it is ignitedduring a fire in your home. 1

Tiles made of premium vinylare a bit moredifficult in terms ofwater penetration becausethe joints do not sitso tightly as they wouldwith normalvinyl tiles.However, the materialiscompletely waterproof, andthere is no reason to worry ifthat spills and puddles can becleaned up.

Ceramic Tile

A material, ceramictile is alsoimperviousto water damage. Theflooring’s surface is very resistant to water damage.resistance towater penetrationif the grout seams arecleaned and kept sealant. Ceramic tile isalso completelyimmune to heat damage.

Best for Water and Heat Resistance: Ceramic Tile

Bothmaterials possess a good inherentresistance to water damagehowever,theyalso have seams that canallow moisture to getintothe subfloor.However, ceramictile isalmost indestructible toheat,whereasvinyl tilecan bedamagedby heat.

Care and Cleaning

Bothvinyl tiles and ceramictiles areextremely simpleto clean.A regular sweeping and periodic moistmoppingwiththe mild soap solution isreally sufficient to care fortheflooring materials.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile isone oftheeasiestflooring materials tokeepfresh.

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tilegrout linescan get dingyif the seal coat isnot allowed to wear down.When this happens an effective scrub usingan acid-based grout cleanerisessential.

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Best for Care and Cleaning: Vinyl Tile

Since it is not agrout linesto collect stainsor mildew, vinyl tile is thebest flooring material to keepneat and clean.

Durability and Maintenance

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tilewill have an expectedtime-frame of about 10yearsif used in a normal manner. Vinyl is a strongmaterial , but it is also a little softvulnerable to gouges andscratches, howeverreplacinga damaged tileis not difficult. It’squite simpletoget the tile heated to releasethe adhesive,then pullit out, thenscrub the floor cleanandapply glue to a newtile.

Ceramic Tile

It is also amore durable material andlives of 40 orhigher are the norm.Tiles damaged by wear and tear can be removedand replaced.Grout lines on ceramic tilehave to be sealed at least every fewyears, and cleaned aftertheyare stained or dirtywithmildew.

Best for Durability and Maintenance: Ceramic Tile

The ceramic tile can be described as atough material with exceptional durability.


Vinyl Tile

Traditionally, vinyltiles arelaid down using a glue down bondwhere flooring mastic isapplied to the floor prior tothe tiles aresetinto their respective positions.However, self-adhesive tiles are now dominatingthe market.The adhesivecan be applied in a factory setting and covered witha protective paper that iscut off when it’s finally timetolay the tiles. Vinyl tile isamongthemost popular flooring optionsfor DIYers dueto its simple installation.

Various forms of luxury vinyltiles and planks can be installedin the form of”floating” floors, inwhich individual pieces are joinedtogether with a snap-lock systemwhich holds the plankstilestogether atthe edges.The procedure for installation is similar to oneused for laminate flooring,and it’s a breezeforDIYers.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic or porcelaintile isplaced with a thin-set adhesiveemployed to bondthe tiles to an underlaymentof cement board.Partially-cut tiles can be cutwith a manual tool thatis able to score and snap the tiles either with a powerwet saw.When the adhesive is dry,joint between the tiles is filled in withmortar-basedgrout. The groutwill be sealed after dryingcompletely.Ceramic tile installation can belabor-intensive,plenty ofDIYersdo it themselves.However, it’sfrequent for ceramic tilesbeing installedbyexperts.

Best for Installation: Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile isa veryeasyflooring materialfor DIYers toinstall.Installation of ceramic tile islabor-intensive, but it’sabsolutely possible for DIYers tocomplete it.


Vinyl Tile

In general, Renovation vinyl tile isan extremely affordable typeof flooring.Self-adhesive vinyl tiles bought atbig-box retailers for home renovations generallyare priced between$1.50up to 3 cents per squarefoot,while professional installation can costabout $3 to each square foot. Vinyl tile, however,is easy to put inby yourself.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramictiles average around$5 per squarefoot for materialsin their own right, with a rangefrom $1 per square foot for white plaintiles up tohigher than $20 per square foot inpremium porcelain tiles.Professional installation costs can range from$4and14 cents per square feet,dependingon labor costs inyourarea and the extentof thework yourjob demands.

Best for Installation: Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tileis an idealflooringfor DIYers.installing ceramic tile entailsa considerable amount of work.


Vinyl Tile

Vinylfloor tiles are typicallyprepared for replacement within10 years. However, longerlives are possible in lighter-usecircumstances.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramictile is able to last foryears, and the lifespan is40or more years being quitecommon.

Best for LIfespan: Ceramic Tile

It’s not a question: Ceramic tile is avery durable and long-lastingflooring material.

Environmental Considerations

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooringis a source of toxicchemicals.Although these chemicals are stablein vinyl’s manufactured form,these chemicals will notbe able to break down in landfillsand they are also at riskto release toxic gases ifthey are ignited. 1 Environmentally conscious homeowners arerightlyconcerned about the usage ofvinyl flooring.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile isa whollynaturalproduct that has nothingharmful in its constituents.Old ceramic tile is not a source ofcontamination once it makesits wayin landfills.

Best for the Environment: Ceramic Tile

Since it does not containchemical elements, itisa superior materialwhen it comes to environmentalissues.


Bothceramic tile and vinylare available in a rangeofsizes and shapeseven though ceramic tile hasmore options.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tilestend to berectangular, with sizes rangingbetween 9 and 18inchesacross.

Ceramic Tile

The square ceramic tiles are typicallyat 3 inches wide they can go up to18 inches, but theyare also availableintiny mosaic tilesattachedto meshbackings with geometric designsand rectangular shapes.

Ideal for sizes: Ceramictile

Ceramic tilecomes in a variety of shapesand sizes thanvinyltile.

Resale Value

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring iscommonly regardedasa floor that is considered to be economical,although this isn’t always the casein the case of contemporaryluxury vinyl tiles and planks.

Ceramic Tile

Floor tiles made of porcelain or ceramicare invariablyseen as luxurious flooring materialsby real estateprofessionals as well asprospective buyers, especially ifthe floor is constructed with designerporcelain tiles.

Best for Resale Value: Ceramic Tile

Awell-maintained ceramic tile floorwill always bring more prestigeand greater real estate valuethanflooring made of vinyl.

Comfort and Sound

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile floors, asthe material is extremely durable and pliable, are a bit more comfortableand quietwhen compared to rock-hardceramic tile. Inakitchen,a dish of chinadroppedon vinyl may survive as shattering can be agiven if it drops ontoceramic tile.But vinyl flooring is stilla relatively hard flooring material in particular when placed on top ofa concrete subfloor.

Ceramic Tile

As well as being verydurable, ceramic tile isalsoextremely cold for flooring unlessit’s installed ona radiant floorheating system. This willtransform it into a delightfullywarmsurface.

Best for Comfort and Sound: Vinyl Tile

Both flooring materials arefairlyhard underfoot, but vinyltilehas a slight edge overceramic tilesince it issomewhat softer.

The Verdict

Theprimary advantages ofvinyl tileareits cost-effectiveness andeasy DIYinstallation.On most other categoriesofflooring,ceramic tilecan be considered a superiorflooringsurfacewith a higheraesthetics, better durabilityplus a higher value for resales.

Bathroom Finishes

Tiling a bathroom or Toilet Overlay  can have the biggest impacton the outcome of youbathroom.It is possible to choose differentshades or choose to matchyour tiles with the wallin order to have a consistent style.Instead, consider usingbathroom accessories to add a splash of colourtothe space.

In bathrooms with smaller spaces it makes sensetokeep the tiles theidentical colour to make theroom appear largervisually.Choose bright finishes tomake the space feel larger.

Select flooring that is well-aged as flooring tilesbe subject to a high amountoftraffic and consistentdampness.

The shower wall is tiled

Classic wood-grained feature wall

Vertical subway tiles for walls

Larger vs Smaller Tiles

Choosing larger floor tiles will makethefloor appear larger.There will be lessgrout linesthat dirt canbe stuck to, as opposedtothe tiny mosaic tiles.

The smaller tiles on thecontrary, focus attentionandcreates a sense of depththat make the spacefresh and warm.Tiles that are smaller are morefrequently used in shower areasbecause they are less susceptibleto slip.

Overlaying Tiles

Ifyou’re using an existingtiled bathroom installing new tiles on top ofexisting tiles on both floorand walls is also a possibility.The overlaying process will save you30 percent as comparedto hackingthat can causethepossibilityofnoise and dust.

However, one shouldexamine and ensurethat alldoors and fixturesprovide at least a 10-15mmto allow for a rise infloor height.

Anti-Slip Floor Tiles

Ifyou havethe elderly at home,opting for anti-slip flooringisa great option.It is important to avoid slips in bathrooms.is a major concernin elderly people who oftentrip over or lose balance because the floor is likely tobe wet and slippery aftera shower. There area variety of floor tileswith anti-slip properties availablein different styles that don’talter the appearanceof thebathroom.

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