The 2-Minute Rule for Hair transplant maintenance

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When the majority of people facethe problem of male baldnessandhair lossin the beginning it is common for them to takeoral growth pillsoruseexternalhair growth supplementsto treat them as soonaspossible.If the problem with hair lossgets more severe the majority of people will decideto seekingtreatment.More professional treatment methods,such as treatment for hair growthand hair transplant surgery.In fact, the best treatmentoption to choose depends onvarious aspects likethe root cause of hair loss, scalp condition, andvariation in the amount of hair loss. Ifyou’re trying totackle the issue of losing your hair and need to know the best solution, take a lookat this article to explainyou the two most commonly usedmethods-“hairincrease medicine”or” 植髮明星 ” “The advantages, disadvantages, and side effects, so as to find the most suitable treatment for you!”

Oralhair-growth drugs

Themain ingredients of  生髮藥 available are inhibitors of male hormones. By inhibiting male hormones, it reduces the production of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) that can damage hair follicles, which helps protect hair follicles and solve the problem of hair loss.

1. Advantages:

The primary cause ofandrogeneticbaldness is due toexcessDHT male hormonesinthe body and oral hair growth medicationswhich inhibitDHThave a significant effecton general androgenetic alopecia problemsandhelp to solve the issuestarting at the root.

2. Disadvantages:

Thereisn’t a therapeutic reasonfor hair loss caused byother causes, such asstresses, genetics and diseases etc., and once thehair follicleshave been damaged byDHT,therecan be no recoveryorreturn to thehair. Evenafter taking oral hair growthmedication, it could reducethelevelsof DHTinthe body. It’s only going to keepother healthy hair folliclesfrombeing destroyed. Itisn’t possible to achievethe true”hair growth” and treatment.Therefore, oral growthmedications will only slowthe progress of thehair lossissue however they are not able to achieve real”hair growth” and “hair loss treatment”.

3. Side effects:

Pregnant women and childrenshould not be exposed toorally administered hair growth medication as it could causeanomalous development of the fetus.Males taking the drugs may experience lowerthe amount of libido and diminished erectile activitythroughout the course and they willcome back to normal after stoppingthedrug.

Topicaldrugs for hair growth

By expanding theblood vesselsonthe scalp and opening potassium ion channels,agents are used to deliverincreased oxygen and nutrientshair follicles, which helps to stimulatehair follicles’ development from theresting phase to the growthphase.

1. Advantages:

It is easy to useandeasy The cost isreasonable.The overall side effectsaremuch less severe than thoseassociated with oral hair growth medication.

2. Disadvantages:

The topical hair restorer is able toonly accelerate and stimulatethegrowth of hairbut it can’t stop the production ofDHTinthe body, meaningit can’t protecthair folliclesin the body from being damaged.It is possible to observe obviousresults in hair growth attheinitial stage of applyingyour topical hair repair product,but this is justan interim solution andnot a permanent cure.Method, if you merelyuse topical hair growthproducts without other treatmentsyou are at risk ofthe time for the most effective treatmentwill be missed andthehair loss issuegetsmoreserious.

3. Side effects:

生髮偏方 must be applied directlytothe scalp, where loss of hairoccurs.Pay attention to whetheringredients will trigger skin sensitivity.If redness, severe irritationand swelling are noticed the product should be stopped.any topical hair-tonics.

Hair transplant surgery

After surgery thehair folliclesat the back of theocciput area are transferred toupper part of the scalpandforeheadandvarious other areas of loss of hair.Following the hair transplant surgeryis finished, the hairfollicules will be able to grow healthy hair.

1. Advantages:

BecauseDHTonly destroys thehair folliclesfound on the upperof thehead and forehead hair follicles transferredfrom the backocciputrejuvenate healthy hair,andthe results can besustained for a lifetime.There is no needtobe concerned about losing hairin the future after the surgery.

2. Disadvantages:

You need to waitsix to twelve months followingtheprocedure toobservethe finalresults.

3. Side effects:

Hair transplant surgeryis likely to causesome tiny wounds duringtheprocedure, sothe need for a certain period of recovery isessential.

Hair transplant center recommendation

Thedifferent treatments above forhair losscome with advantages as well as disadvantages and adverse effects.However, hairtransplant surgery isthe only optionto completely addresstheproblem of loss of hair andbe maintained for the duration of the treatment.Patients seekingtoget rid ofhair lossneed to make sure they consult a professionalandreputable hair transplant centersfortreatment.

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